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 Interested in joining a team that’s more than a team, or having a job that’s more than a job? Lee-Built provides a variety of work with a group of people who will treat you like family. If you’re interested in what Lee-Built has to offer, see what the Lee-Built Family has to say. You can find a list of our openings at the bottom of the page.



See a list of our job openings below.


What Our Team Says About Lee-Built Construction




“The massive amount of variety creates a very enjoyable working environment!”

- Jerry Tinkham, Project Manager/Estimator



“I feel comfortable and not micro-managed working for Lee-Built.”

- Richard Keeney, VP of Business Development



“I love working with Lee-Built customers, vendors, and employees, and providing a quality completed job that I’m proud of.”

- Ann Tinkham, Project Manager/Estimator



“I’ve enjoyed the fast pace work environment and the high expectations coupled with great support from our leaders.”

- Drew Wheeler, Project Manager/Estimator



“I love the environment at Lee-Built! I am encouraged to grow, learn, and take on more responsibility by a great manager.”

- Andrea Hughes, Accounting Assistant



“I love the family feel here. You get to come to work and work with a great group of people. I am proud to work with each and every one of them.”

- Brandi Hardison, Service Coordinator