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There’s no denying it—construction and maintenance projects can be numerous and varied, and the solutions to those projects can be just as vast. In response to client requests for an all-encompassing contractor solution, Lee-Built offers full service expertise. Tasks can be as preventive and routine as roof clean up, snow removal, or changing out light bulbs. However, we are also deeply experienced in the requirements of the secure, fiduciary equipment unique to our clients’ business such as vaults, ATMs, night depositories, and more. With all jobs under watchful control and accountability you are able to manage and advance more projects. When you work with us, you have the best practices for efficient and dependable execution by utilizing professionals who are focused and experienced in the intricacies of working with financial institutions.


Facility Maintenance

Consistent and prompt, interior and exterior maintenance. All your maintenance needs met with one phone call:







Pressure Washing

Snow Removal

Parking Lots


ADA Upgrades


Lock Work






Remodel, Rebranding

Complete and Professional. Whether it is an acquisition rebrand or a remodel, all the aspects of every project are completed in a professional and non-disruptive manner. Our clients range from small regional startups to community branches as well as fortune 500 institutions.


24 Hour Service

Accidents or Emergencies. Whether it is Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, or Utah, we are available 24 hours a day.

We have learned to expect the unexpected – and expect it in the middle of the night. With Lee-Built you have the peace of mind that an emergency system is in place to keep your facilities safe and operational.


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